Really, i guess when you find yourself one of the movie stars on the greatest truth shows on tv, folks from your own past are certain to should latch onto your fame. Regrettably for
the brand-new Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher
, her ex is trying to ruin the knowledge on her behalf.
Chad Rookstool, he ex-boyfriend
gave a tell-all interview to


magazine for which he made many shocking statements in regards to the actions of our own Bachelorette and exactly why she continued the tv show to begin with. (clue: He claims it was not for the right reasons.) But, any time you ask me personally,
we have ton’t drop faith in JoJo
, despite Chad’s statements. Bustle achieved off to him in connection with substance of accusations, but has not yet obtained an answer.

You will find an array of accusations that Chad produced in his meeting about JoJo, such as that she presumably moved operating back once again to him post-


, then dumped him for any fame:

As soon as she got home, we began chilling out day-after-day being intimate again. We had been sneaking round the whole time

The Bachelor

was airing because she wasn’t permitted to be seen with me … JoJo stated, “I don’t know basically’m the next Bachelorette, but let’s merely have a conversation just as if i will be.” She attempted to tell me she was not saying goodbye permanently — but I shared with her that I’m not gonna wait and watch for her [this time], hence was just about it.

Chad in addition alleged the explanation JoJo even proceeded

The Bachelor

was actually when it comes down to exposure and wasn’t truly in love with Ben. “JoJo thought the tv show would help branch down the woman career,” Chad advertised. “She stated it actually was a once-in-a-lifetime possibility.”

In all honesty, if you ask me, the entire thing reads quite like an envious ex which wished his own amount of time in the spotlight. I do believe it’s really unfortunate that somebody would sell aside a person that they spent many years online dating, specially when the guy knows she’s shooting at this time and cannot safeguard by herself. Bustle hit off to ABC for JoJo’s response, but the circle declined to touch upon her behalf.

But, the following is the reason we should have trust in JoJo along with her capacity to helm the program regardless Chad says:

1. He’s Shown Their Tones Before

Here is the exact same ex that
remaining JoJo roses and a sappy letter on the doorway
when she was presenting Ben to her household throughout home town dates episode of

The Bachelor

. Whoever decides that particular time for you to make an effort to revive a commitment offers myself explanation to doubt their sincerity. There is absolutely no reason why the guy couldn’t reveal his feelings to her off camera. Or, you know, maybe not exercise anyway.

2. JoJo Isn’t Really Meryl Streep

Into the

In Touch

post, Chad claimed, “i do believe she just adopted sucked upwards into the program instead of actually attempting to have legit feelings.” But, if JoJo was faking all of the woman thoughts for Ben through the entire time of

The Bachelor

, subsequently she must be given an Oscar straight away. Its quite obvious that she had actual emotions for Ben. I simply don’t believe all those tears and feelings could be manufactured.

3. The Bathroom Scene

If there are any worries that JoJo decrease tough for Ben, the toilet scene during finale event need to have made those worries dissipate entirely. Whenever Ben informed her he in addition loved Lauren, she entirely lost it. It actually was more heart-wrenching music i have have you ever heard. That isn’t a female that is there your fame just.

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4. He Is Hitting Underneath The Gear

From inside the interview with

In Contact

, Chad claimed he and JoJo happened to be “intimate” when she returned from being removed by Ben. Really don’t also love the legitimacy of that state, i will be merely truly grossed away which he would surely even offer that information to a nationally distributed media retailer about some body which he stated to worry about.

5. JoJo Is Actually A Sweetheart

She simply is actually. She doesn’t need for somebody who claimed to love the woman exposing details to publications, it doesn’t matter the quality. If Chad wanted to win the woman straight back, then he could have merely accomplished it like a grownup and talked to the girl right.

Fortunately, JoJo are certain to get the past laugh and hopefully discover real love during the woman time as

The Bachelorette

. Most likely, haters are gonna dislike, and nowadays it looks like Chad is one of the haters.

Files: Matt Dunn/ABC